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Macdonald Rural are a CRT( store based in Brewarrina, opening our doors in late 2013. Our parent business Macdonald Woolbrokers is based in Dubbo.

75% of our wool business is based in Western NSW, and it is our goal to provide a service to this area not only to help the rural community but also to service the local community.

Our goal at Macdonald Rural is to be the leading business in Brewarrina and, further, a leading rural merchandise business within and outside the CRT network. To reach this goal customer service must be our number one priority.

To this end, at Macdonald Rural we promise to provide an efficient, prompt, informed and friendly service to our customers providing a “second to none” experience that can always be relied upon.

We also believe that we can only achieve these goals by fulfilling the needs and aspirations of our staff, fostering the development and training of our staff and involving them in the decision making opportunities within the business.

To our customers and suppliers we pledge continuous improvement in all areas and we vow that at Macdonald Rural you will always get our best.